[CentOS] Feed a list of filenames to vim

Wed May 18 18:48:47 UTC 2011
Bowie Bailey <Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com>

On 5/18/2011 1:26 PM, Les Mikesell wrote:
> On 5/18/2011 12:02 PM, Bowie Bailey wrote:
>> Right.  I was referring to the shell shortcut "$(<  filename)".  Simple -
>> Useful - and probably forgotten by the time I need it again.
> That's the same thing I meant.  It is $(command) which is the same as 
> `command` where the output of the command replaces it on the command 
> line before further evaluation.  That's something you can use 
> frequently.   And '< filename' to control i/o redirection is something 
> you can use even more frequently.  So it's like doing '20i- <esc>' 
> inside of vi to insert a dashed line.  You don't have to know 
> specifically that you can give a count with the insert command, you just 
> know you can combine a count with any command.

I see.  I haven't done any serious shell programming in years, so I've
forgotten most of the little stuff like this (if I ever knew it to begin