[CentOS] KVM vs ESXi

Thu May 19 04:39:32 UTC 2011
Lucian <lucian at lastdot.org>

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 1:58 PM, Drew wrote:
> My question to everyone are these:
> -How well does KVM support Windows Guests? I'm already running a
> Server 2008r2 and WHS 2011 (based on 08r2) machines at home which I
> want to consolidate into this box.

They run well enough for me. Don't have any benchmarks as I am not
using any other full virt solutions, but don't see much difference
between VMs and bare metal. On the other hand I try not to use windows
servers for anything serious so they're hardly ever stressed.

> -Does KVM have a concept of virtual switches and and are they tied to
> physical NICs? ESXi allows me to create a vSwitch that isn't tied to a
> physical NIC so I can create a DMZ that exists solely within the host
> system. I'd like to replicate that if possible.

No and I don't think it's the hypervisor's job to do that. Even in
ESXi I don't think it's the "hypervisor" itself that does that. You
could try however to mess with Openvswitch if you insist on such
features, at least until someone decides to package all this in one
fancy solution (rhev?).