[CentOS] EL 6 rollout strategies? (Scientific Linux)

Thu May 19 11:54:58 UTC 2011
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

On Mon, 16 May 2011, Johnny Hughes wrote:

> It will be released when it is released, if you don't like it then leave.

Before I leave this list let me take you back about 7 years to the 
Whitebox mailinglist. You may not remember that Whitebox had a list of 
issues of its own, no timely updates, no community effort, lack of good
communication. It was mostly a one-man-effort.

And the people on that list who were not pleased, included Johnny and 
Karanbir. And it's striking (and ironic) how similar the discussions went 
7 years ago. Johnny said:

   [WBEL-users] WBEL Vs Centos ? :-S

   "If timely updates are not a key factor for you, then WBEL is a great
   distro.  If timely updates are the most important thing you consider
   about the distro you want, then WBEL might not be a fit for you.  That
   is all I have ever said ... and I have never said it meanly."


   [WBEL-users] WBEL Vs Centos ? :-S

   "I just think people should not have the expectation the WBEL is
   community operated, it is not.  It's NOT like debian or gentoo where
   others can get involved.  I know, I tried really hard to do so many

Karanbir said:

   [WBEL-users] WBEL ...dead?

   "Be a lil difficult to sell that to the IT Manager / CTO : Hang tight
   dude, its comming. Anytime now."


   [WBEL-users] WBEL ...dead?

   "Why ? the other RHEL recompiles dont have this 'its coming, hang on'
   attitude do they ?

   If there is a security issue out there, you can put in a fairly good
   idea as to when its possible to deploy with them. Whats the scene with
   WBEL ?"

The only difference I see is that back then Whitebox had only a fraction 
of users, and even less using it for critical mission, while nowadays 
people rely even more on timely security updates and releases coming from 
CentOS. And people expect to help and contribute to the process to make 
that happen.

Which, contrary to what is stated now, was an essential part in the start 
and growth of the CentOS project.

Anyay, goodbye and thanks for all the fish !
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