[CentOS] EL 6 rollout strategies? (Scientific Linux)

Thu May 19 15:05:25 UTC 2011
R - elists <lists07 at abbacomm.net>

Dag wrote:
> Before I leave this list let me take you back about 7 years 
> to the Whitebox mailinglist. You may not remember that 
> Whitebox had a list of issues of its own, no timely updates, 
> no community effort, lack of good communication. It was 
> mostly a one-man-effort.

bummer to see you go Dag...

yet as you know, everything has issues... 

if one mainly looks for "or" at things in a negative perspective, you will
always find more of same...

yet believe it or not, if you look for the good, and count your blessings
based on it, the count of such will never end...

some are ungrateful, yes... but for the most part they are sinfully ignorant
& think way too highly of themselves

what is truly, seriously ironic is that the ignorant / ungrateful crowd gets
a chance to come out of the woodwork... you know the ones... they havent
done whatever is necessary to (in major way) help centos as a whole and/or
do any core centos work during CentOSs' lifetime (7 years ???) while the
core centos heros carry the majority of the load the whole time.

then when the proverbial doody hits the fan and the centos heros (as always)
roll up sleeves & multiple distro works are progressing at a variable rate

the ignorant act like they have all the answers and can help the centos
heros, YET the ignorant never actually roll up their sleves and do anything
to help.

mainly lots of crying and peeping like helpless baby birds waiting for food.

i may not be 100% correct, yet one thing i have picked up on over the years
in relationship to volunteering for CentOS is that the centos heros do not
have time to BABY and SPOON FEED new recruits.

 - rh