[CentOS] Keep CentOS 5.5 from upgrading?

Sun May 22 14:33:57 UTC 2011
Nicolas Thierry-Mieg <Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr>

Mailing List wrote:
> I'm trying to keep CentOS 5.5 from upgrading to 5.6 because of my issue
> with the time sync. I thought I had it figured out till today. I have
> tried google for help but with no luck. Can someone point me to a page
> or link that will give me a good idea as to how to stop the upgrade but
> still allow me to update my 5.5 packages?

you cannot do that.
it's centos 5. Updating a 5.x install will bring you to the latest of 5, 
which is currently 5.6 + [updates since the 5.6 release].

check out the centos FAQs, it's gotta be there.