[CentOS] OT: RHEL 6.1 is out

Mon May 23 09:44:27 UTC 2011
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 05/22/2011 08:05 PM, Steven Crothers wrote:
> I think you're missing the point, if you read between the lines, the
> complaint I see is that CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System)
> is not community based whatsoever. Displaying the self-righteous
> attitude you are doesn't earn you cookie points or make you look like
> you're important. What is important is that the CentOS project should
> have a different acronym, perhaps the Closed Enterprise Operating
> System?

I have said this a million times ... but you are flat out wrong.

The "community" does many, many things for CentOS.

It is the community that makes the CentOS Fora one of the best place to
get information.

The community does all the articles on the CentOS Wiki.

It is the Community that answers questions on bugs.centos.org

It is the community that does the graphics for CentOS.

It is the community that is currently doing the website redesign.

It is the community that is on the QA team, testing before release.

It is the community that provides all the "technical support".

We never said, anywhere, that the community would build the packages,
nor did we say we would teach people how to make the distribution ...
what we said 8 years ago was this:

"CentOS exists to provide a free enterprise class computing platform to
anyone who wishes to use it."


"Our purpose is to provide stable Linux solutions for organizations and
individuals who do not need strong commercial support to achieve
successful operation."

In both of those statements, the CentOS Project is "to provide" ... and
the community is "to use" (if they choose to).  The community provide
support for each other in the absence of commercial support.

It does not now, nor did it ever say, that a CentOS goal was to teach
anyone how "to produce" anything.

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