[CentOS] SSD for Centos SWAP /tmp & /var/ partition

Mon May 23 19:43:00 UTC 2011
Keith Roberts <keith at karsites.net>

On Mon, 23 May 2011, Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> ZFS can use a SATA, SAS or SSD drive as cache drive to speed up common
> reads & writes. I have seen some small improvements even when using a
> cheaper grade SATA & SAS drive (as part of an experiment). The speed
> improvement is quite a bit more evident on larger storage arrays.
> You could also use 2 cheaper MLC type SSD's, one in a "cold standy"
> type setup - where it's already in mounted in the server and then you
> simply tell ZFS to stop using SSD1, and start using SSD2 instead.

Here's a follow on link from another posters link:


Apparently, SLC are supposed to last ~10x longer than MLC ?



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