[CentOS] OT: wifi, phone, power in India and Malaysia

Tue May 24 16:24:26 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 05/24/11 7:29 AM, Richard Mollel wrote:
> Wifi is wifi, never heard of a wifi A or B.

actually, there's 802.11 (original, rarely used anymore), 802.11a, .11b. 
.11g. and .11n, and .11n comes in multiple flavors.  Most everything 
these days is .11b/g or b/g/n compatible.

In various countries, there are different allotments of how many 2.4Ghz 
'channels' are available for unlicensed use like wifi.  see 
for a summary of this specific issue.

my general experience regarding all this is the business model laptops 
from the major makers (for instance, the Latitudes from Dell) tend to 
come with wifi (and modems etc) that support multinational standards 
that can be reconfigured for different locales.    consumer grade stuff 
is less likely to have this ability enabled.

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