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Thu May 26 21:35:00 UTC 2011
Denniston, Todd A CIV NAVSURFWARCENDIV Crane <todd.denniston at navy.mil>

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> Would be nice. Trouble is, we've got what, 60? 70? people in the
> division

With that many you obviously have a local mirror that they all update
from, right?
 cd pathtomirror/5/updates/x86_64/RPMS
 find ../../i386 -name thunderbird\* -exec ln -s {} \;
 cd ..
 createrepo -v --update -d -o repodata x86_64

And get your boss happy with _that_ .... but only if the 32bit version

> who have Linux workstations, and then rolling it all out, and no one
> wants
> to deal with 32-bit apps on 64 bit systems (we won't mention
> npviewer<segv><segv<segv>)....
> Lightening and lightening-exchange looked really good....

Any chance you could get the source of those and recompile for 64?
Yeh Yeh, maintenance headache, but can that set of headaches (work [and
more at each update of the tool] and IA) be balanced against the
alternatives and be a win for the division.