[CentOS] calendar

Fri May 27 09:29:15 UTC 2011
Pete Biggs <pete at biggs.org.uk>

> > 
> >    My manager's asked me about something that can run on our CentOS boxes
> > that can connect to an (bleah!) Exchange server's calendar. It doesn't
> > look like Lightening can, and from some googling, it appears that
> > Evolution claims to, but.... It's got to be able to set dates, etc.
> > 
> >    Can Evolution? Any other suggestions?
>  Evolution will not work with Exchange newer than 2003. There is a plugin
>  under development that can, but I'm not precisely sure about its status,
>  and in any case, CentOS5 is too old for it; it as a bunch dependencies
>  that are newer than what's provided.

Yes the version of Evolution in CentOS is too old for most things.  The
evolution-connector package provides Exchange connectivity in CentOS5,
however it only works for Exchange 2003 and older.

Newer versions of Evolution also have an evolution-exchange package
which can connect with newer versions of Exchange.  This is apparently
reasonably stable for most setups - it doesn't, however, work well in
more complex arrangements involving proxies and so on.

There is another package at alpha/beta level called evolution-ews which
looks very promising.  Unfortunately it needs Evolution 2.32 or later.