[CentOS] calendar

Fri May 27 11:54:34 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Lars Hecking wrote:
> Ljubomir Ljubojevic writes:
>> Lars Hecking wrote:
>>>  Try the one from Remi Collet then. He's a contributor or even developer for
>>>  Fedora.
>> You should first check that write just so you write something.
>  I have been building tb 3.1 rpms from Remi's SRPMs. Works well. Only
>  requirement is to define fedora = 10 for the build. Yes, this is less
>  than optimal.
>> I have his full mirror and when I searched my mrepo folder there was 
>> *no* thunderbird/firefox in it. And just now I just scaned through his 
>> repo. Only one to produce newer versions is/was Mike Harris.
>  Thank you for pointing me to Mike Harris.
>> P.S. Key words are CentOS 5.x and Thunderbird 3.x
>  Your condescending attitude is inappropriate.

Could be my attitude, but it also could be affect of your attitude.

I always presume that I am talking to responsible individuals. So if you 
are doing something, do it right.

Anybody could say "Grab Fedora RPMS and recompile it", I even said he 
can use Mike's SRPMS as an template for building newer versions.

And there is even, slightly older version, for Fedora 8, much closer to 

Just Recompiling Fedora SRPMS for production is dubious policy and 
should be avoided if possible.

I'll tell you what. You respect OP's clear requests, and effort of 
others, and put some effort of your own to give some more details, not 
just two wage sentence, and I will not snap at you.

I stayed from 12h yesterday to 04h this morning troubleshooting network 
problem and was woken at 08h, and still found little time to help OP, 
and you were not able to put an effort to nicely explain in detail what 
you meant, and where caveats might be. That is what pi**ed me off, my 
head is still wobbling and it's 14h here.