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Fri May 27 16:45:55 UTC 2011
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On 5/27/2011 11:26 AM, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

>> Yes, I am missing some point.  If you run X you can run anything from
>> anywhere else in a window pretty much transparently.  Why can't you add
>> accounts for everyone on the RH 6.1 box (probably doing authentication
>> against your windows domain since everyone with exchange mail must have
>> an account there already), maintain the exchange connector there and
>> give everyone a launcher that will open it on their desktop?  You can
>> get the effect with 'ssh -Y remote_host thunderbird' from an open
>> terminal window without any other setup, but you'd probably want to give
>> others a nice launcher and you may or may not need the ssh layer.  As a
>> side effect you get shared-memory efficiency for every instance of the
>> application running on the same server.
>> If you want something slightly more extreme, you could build freenx for
>> the RH box and run whole desktops there although I don't know how many
>> users you can put on one box unless most of their apps are remote.
>> Personally I prefer NX/freenx to using a local console but that doesn't
>> change your ability to also have applications remote from the desktop.
> I think you are talking about remote desktop implementation, and he
> about nVidia drivers not showing picture/image/overlay from Remote
> desktop server.

The term 'Remote desktop' usually refers specifically to the MS-windows 
implementation, where NX/freenx are just X applications with some 
proxy/stub/cache layers at both ends to improve performance with high 
latency and allow disconnect/reconnect.  There may be some quirks in the 
cross-platform NX/nx clients but generally you wouldn't know the 
difference compared to being at a console.  If you don't have latency 
and don't care about reconnecting, you can just enable gdm logins and 
start your local session with:
X -query remote_host
to run the desktop on a different machine using only native X 
capabilities.  Or run another desktop in a window with Xnest. All of 
which is mostly unrelated to the main point of being able to run a 
remote (to where the desktop/window manger runs) application in a window.

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