[CentOS] Initial 6.0 trees in QA

Fri May 27 18:20:52 UTC 2011
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

On 5/26/2011 11:50 AM Steven Crothers spake the following:
> <snip>
>> more beneficial in the long run for the project. However, they are
>> currently worried about people "stealing" their work and starting
>> their own rebuilds of RHEL, which if that was going to happen it
>> would have already. The SL team opens their build process and we
>> can get close enough with Fedora to make a good start.

I cannot comment on what motivates another's actions.  However, I
doubt very much that worrying about the theft of publicly available
material weighs heavily on any rational mind.  There is evidently
some degree of dysfunction present in this project's administration.
But insofar as to why and whether it is significantly more or less
than any other FOSS project of similar scope seems a matter of
opinion rather than fact.

I suspect that, like many of us, the primary concern of the present
project team is the preservation of their reputations and integrity
of the product they produce.

CentOS is a top flight project that hews to a fixed party line,
upstream compatibility.  I can understand why the present
maintainers might be a little reluctant to open wide the doors to
sundry 'volunteers', some of whom just might not be as committed to
that ideal and whose contributions in the end might prove more
trouble than worth.

For my part, all I ever asked for was a regular update as to where
things were at, not when they would be finished. And that seems, at
long last, to be happening.  Which I take to be a good thing.

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