[CentOS] since CentOS 5.6 upgrade, squid crashes

Laurent CREPET lct at megrapet.fr
Tue May 3 07:46:05 UTC 2011


I have recently upgraded our web proxy to CentOS 5.6. Before the upgrade, squid was running fine.

Since the upgrade, sometimes, squid crashes:
> [root at stargate ~]# service squid status
> squid dead but pid file exists

Looking at log files, I think it could be related to logrotate stuff, 
> -rw-r-----  1 squid squid 42713088 May  3 04:02 store.log
> -rw-r-----  1 squid squid     8192 May  3 04:02 cache.log
> -rw-r-----  1 squid squid 35778160 May  3 04:02 access.log

I will look at the latest RPMs to check differences on /etc/logrotate.d/squid.

Laurent CREPET <lct at megrapet.fr>

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