[CentOS] Am I being to paranoid?

David Miller david3d at gmail.com
Mon May 9 17:18:01 UTC 2011

Weblabyrinth is another offensive countermeasure that no one had mentioned
yet.  It's still pretty new but worth keeping an eye on.

It basically creates a bunch of bogus pages that traps scripts that are
trying to crawl your website.  It also logs anything that gets trapped so
you can tie this to your monitoring and alerting solution.  You can set it
up to trigger a temporary firewall rule banning traffic on any IPs that fall
into the trap.  Or just let them churn down the rabbit hole.

You already have a good list of rewrite rules so just point those to your
labyrinth.  Another way to entice bad traffic to the labyrinth is to put
bogus entries in your robots.txt that look like that point some where
interesting and rewrite them to your labyrinth.

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