[CentOS] community communication

Tue May 3 06:57:00 UTC 2011
Steve Castellotti <sc at eyemagnet.com>

     In the most polite way possible, could someone please update the 
CentOS community regards the release schedule for CentOS 6?

     The last official announcement I could find was on the Twitter account:

/"We should have news, along with a release plan, for CentOS-6 in the 
next few days"/


Posted on April 18th.

     It is now May 3rd; that last message was posted more than two weeks 

     On a related note, less than a month prior was this comment:

/"What I will try : make sure there is plenty of info via this twitter 
account. Apologies for dropping the ball a bit on that front recently"/


Posted March 24, 2011.

     We all realized the CentOS developers are busy and respect their 
hard work.

     I hope however it is not unreasonable to ask for more timely 
updates and information regards the status of releases, especially as 
one week from today will mark six months since RHEL 6 was released (on 
November 10 2010).


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