[CentOS] hardware issues under 5.6

Sun May 8 23:30:10 UTC 2011
mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>


    This is, umm, odd. Two, at least, and possibly a third over the 
weekend, of some older Dell 1950's, suddenly died shortly after being 
upgraded to 5.6. They're all about the same age, and it's not happening 
with other systems, but they claim a scsi abort, and the f/s goes 
read-only. The little lcd screen goes orange, and shows a fatal error E 
171, and B0 F3 D0? D0 F3 B0? I forget, and won't be able to double check 
my memory till the morning.

    Has anyone seen this, with a f/s suddenly going r/o, on machines 
that seemed to be running fine for years? Since this is two? three 
machines, that's somewhere between "coincidence" and "enemy action".