[CentOS] FTP Migration

Tue May 24 02:24:07 UTC 2011
listmail <listmail at entertech.com>

Hi All,

Please feel free to correct any misconceptions in my premises as I get to my
question. I have about 6 ftp services running on a CentOS system that is going
down for service, and I want to move the ftp services to a VM on another
network. These are all running on Proftpd, with fairly complicated
directory/permissions/rate control layouts, as proftpd nicely supports. 

First, it appears that RH and CentOS have dropped proftpd since I last looked
and are now only shipping vsftpd in the repositories.

Second, I looked at the vsftpd site, and noticed a complete absence of
documentation (other than a basic bare-bones manpage), so I have no idea if
vsftpd will support anything that I'm doing with proftpd, or any information
about how to configure anything.

Obviously I could just install the latest version of proftpd from source on
the new host and get on with my life, but is there any reason to bite the
bullet and try to convert my ftp sites to a new, basically undocumented ftp

Any input appreciated, especially on conversions of complicated ftp sites from
proftpd to vsftpd.