[CentOS] OT: wifi, phone, power in India and Malaysia

Tue May 24 09:48:16 UTC 2011
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

A not so technical friend in India is shopping for a laptop.  He often
travels and stays months in Malaysia and so needs to be able to use the
laptop there as well.  He typically connects to the internet via wifi,
but sometimes must use a telephone line (yes, with a modem).  And of
course there will be times when he has to plug into mains power to
recharge the battery.  So to be able to fully use his future laptop in
both India and Malaysia, I need to know:

Are the wifi standards the same in both India and Malaysia?  And will
the same wifi card work in both countries?

Similarly, will the modem work in both countries?

And, too, is the mains power the same in India and Malaysia?

If there is an incompatibility in any of these, what is the simplest

I should probably get him an extended warranty also.  Is there such a
warranty which would allow him to have the laptop fixed in either
country, depending upon where he happens to be?

Am I overlooking any considerations?

Thanks in advance for your sage experience.