[CentOS] redhat vs centos

Tue Nov 1 14:53:26 UTC 2011
Tony Mountifield <tony at softins.co.uk>

In article <CALKwpEyuPRU5Az9xU_d_BrJc0m_E9XDLH1T5iuB2U8rvRZevTg at mail.gmail.com>,
Brian Mathis <brian.mathis+centos at betteradmin.com> wrote:
> When Redhat announced the changes they made it very clear they were
> trying to prevent other companies (like Oracle and Novell) who were
> providing support to RHEL customers at reduced rates.  They have never
> said they were concerned with the free clones and in fact have helped
> CentOS many times in the past (according to statements from the core
> developers).
> Redhat knows that the free distros help them maintain market share,
> and gain customers who need full support eventually.  The issues
> CentOS are seeing are simply collateral damage to the larger war
> against the other big companies who are trying to provide services by
> cheating.

Except that the other day, Johnny posted this:

> I can tell you that we have been contacted by upstream to make sure we
> **UNDERSTAND** the new AUP restrictions on distribution.  I can also
> tell you that we (CentOS) are doing everything in our power to meet the
> restrictions as they were explained to us.

which sounds like RH making it clear that their changes are aimed at CentOS too.

Pity... perhaps RH have had a change of manager somewhere...

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