[CentOS] redhat vs centos

Tue Nov 1 22:37:30 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 11/01/11 3:26 PM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> Just to be sure does that mean that for $2000 I can install on one physical
> system and unlimited guests on that system or does that mean the $2000 are
> only for the host system with the*ability*  to host an unlimited number of
> guests and I still have to buy a subscription for each individual guest on
> top of that?

afaik, its just the virtualization, not the guest licenses.

    Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is priced on a per-managed-socket
    basis. The subscription includes the license to use Red Hat
    Enterprise Virtualization Manager for Servers (the management
    server) and the RHEV-H bare metal hypervisor on each licensed socket.

no mention of licensing of guest OS's including RHEL.

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