[CentOS] VirtualBox on CentOS 6.0?

Wed Nov 2 10:05:19 UTC 2011
Jerry Minston <jerryminston at yahoo.ie>

If you want to install Virtualbox in CentOS, it is easy. Go to this download link http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.1.4/VirtualBox-4.1-4.1.4_74291_rhel6-1.i686.rpm . and download the RPM File, after simply install it.

I am not such a fan of Virtualbox neither but You can try installing VMware Player or buy VMware workstation, Both of them work perfectly on CentOS. 

While I am used to using esx, I am forced to use vb on my wkst at my
new gig and can tell you there are age old bugs that have never been
resolved with respect to snap shot children not being cleaned up properly
and the xml config while having a nice programatic interface is a pain to
edit manually.

Bottom line, I don't like it at all and find it only moderately stable.

Not a fan...


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