[CentOS] School cloud solution

Sun Nov 6 01:36:32 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 11/05/11 6:29 PM, Doug Coats wrote:
> Thanks for all of your thoughts.  I will look into gollem.  The clients at
> school are windows 7.  At home the clients might be any number of OS's.
> Eventually we might be using some sort of tablet devise probably Android
> based.

see, another problem with a 'file' based solution is editing 
software...   ok, you have windows7 at school... what format are the 
documents in, MS Office 2010 ?       Users at home are going to have a 
motley mix of older versions and other platforms, possibly not have the 
same font sets, etc etc.   The Google App approach bypasses this 
entirely, the client editing software is the browser and the google app 
Ajax stuff.   The documents are the same regardless of what platform the 
user is on.

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