[CentOS] redhat vs centos

Mon Nov 7 19:01:53 UTC 2011
Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net>

Am 07.11.2011 19:57, schrieb John R Pierce:
> On 11/07/11 9:36 AM, John Beranek wrote:
>> Still doesn't answer how many sockets you're using if you have a RHEL
>> 5/6 guest VM with 2 (or 4) virtual VMware processors...
> can you even run another VM hypervisor under vmware?!?
> never mind, WHY?!?

yes you can, it is called nested virtualization and exists since longer time

VMware Workstation Supports ESX4.1 and ESX5.1 as guest OS
nice for building a whole test-environemnt including the network

on modern hardware even a 64bit guest will run with acceptable perforamcne

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