[CentOS] Trouble with Mailman

Sat Nov 12 15:45:04 UTC 2011
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 11/12/2011 09:07 AM, John J. Boyer wrote:
> I have set up Mailman on a virtual private server from 1and1 running 
> Centos, though I can't tell which version. The system has 2 GB of 
> memory. Mailman is receiving posts, but it is not sending them out to 
> everybody. It is also getting some out-of-memory errors. The server is 
> also runing Plesk for Web hosting. Something on the server is leaking 
> memory. When first booted it has nearly 1.5 GB of free memory. Now this 
> is down to .75 GB. Any hints will be appreciated.

Linux puts things in cache using extra (unused) memory.  It is
absolutely normal to have "Free Memory" go down to a fairly small level
and have Buffers and Cache grow.

If you are getting out of memory errors, you can tweek the amount of
memory that they system keeps in reserve using "vm.min_free_kbytes" in


This is a good article that discusses how to adjust this too:


As far as what version of CentOS you have ... you can figure that out with:

cat /etc/redhat-release

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