[CentOS] Misterious hang

Sun Nov 13 03:29:44 UTC 2011
Nataraj <incoming-centos at rjl.com>

> 2. It's just hang. Not reboot. I have to power off the VM and power on.
> The ESXi host has many VM in it and only my that VM has problem.
If you can't trace your problem to anything else, then I would look at
the ESXI configuration for that VM.  If there are other CentOS/Redhat 5
VM's on the ESXI server, check the vmware configuration to see that they
are the same.  In particular, make sure the OS is set to the correct
thing for Redhat 5.  VMware, in its hardware emulation, makes
assumptions about clocking and possibly other kernel options and if the
VM config does not agree with the running kernel, you can have problems.