[CentOS] Redhat vs centos vs ubuntu

Mon Nov 14 21:09:26 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Vreme: 11/14/2011 09:34 PM, Alan McKay piše:
> On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 8:44 AM, Bob Hoffman<bob at bobhoffman.com>  wrote:
>> This is  a continuation of the thread about redhat vs centos and the
>> thought of moving from centos
>> due to redhats new business model.
> Can someone fill me in on this new business model?  Is there a thread
> here on the list about it already?

There are at least 10-20 posts writing about it.

Use this link to Mailing list Archive:

And search for it. I hope nobody will start at it again, but AFTER you 
read the Archives and have *specific* questions feel free to ask.


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