[CentOS] Changes at Red Hat confouding CentOS

Tue Nov 15 16:29:50 UTC 2011
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Rajagopal Swaminathan wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 8:22 PM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>
> wrote:
>> Reindl Harald wrote:
>> Don't you think you are in a very small minority,
>> like 1% of the world?
> I live in India.
> hmm... I am one of the 1/6th of the population in the world and  "I
> don't own a laptop". I don't carry work home.
> Here one is supposed to be dedicated to one's family: either gender.
> Worrk is worrk (germaniK accent intended... :)  ). Home is Home.


One reason I will *NOT* buy a "smart phone" is that in the mid-nineties, I
worked for a major telecom here in the US. I wore a pager, and was on call
24x7.365.25. I'll never forget the Sunday, with a friend visiting from out
of town, I got paged SEVEN TIMES, and most of it was because they didn't
know what they were doing.

You want me on call? Fine, PAY ME time and a half, or double time. I am
*NOT* otherwise available, except to friends and family. And don't bother
texting - I have that turned off.

Email I live by... but that's on *my* time, when *I* want it. I don't
carry a laptop up and back. As someone said, workstation, two monitors at
> Which percentage you represent?
I work to live; too many fools confuse the two, and management *certainly*
wants you to think that you should live at their beck and call.
>> What percentage are using iPhones and Androids to access the internet?
>> I'd guess it is already over 50%.
> Duh! come here to India and afford all those devices with Indian Salaries.
> Than talk here.

Good points; I was thinking of that, and all the folks in the US who have
them, but can't really afford that money. And then there's the rest, who
*can't* afford that much/month.
> Actually I hate "work" after work hours. I have left many lucrative
> jobs for time with my family at "wrong times" per se.