[CentOS] Centos6 - Xfce - howto add usb automount

Tue Nov 15 18:03:04 UTC 2011
Nicolas Thierry-Mieg <Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr>

Johan Vermeulen wrote:
> dear all,
> I configured Xfce on an Centos6 minimal install, I think its very fast,
> even on al 512Mb machine.
> But I don't have any clue how to make a usb automount on this.
> Anybody can help me with this?

I haven't installed xfce on C6 yet, and a rapid search suggests it's not 
available in base or extras.
So I don't know where you got it from, and how it's packaged.
But in C5, using the xfce packages from centos extras, that 
functionality is through thunar-volman.

BTW you don't need autofs, and you don't need nautilus. I have neither 
on this xfce C5 system and automounting of usb works fine.