[CentOS] How can rpm "%{SUMMARY}" not be consistent?

Tue Nov 15 23:48:22 UTC 2011
Phoenix, Merka <merka.phoenix at hp.com>

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> Denniston, Todd A CIV NAVSURFWARCENDIV  Crane wrote:
> Sent: Tuesday, 15 November, 2011 12:57
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> Subject: [CentOS] How can rpm "%{SUMMARY}" not be consistent?
> I have been seeing something for quite some time which has confused me
> considerably for over a year, perhaps one of you can help me understand.
> Assumed: rpm queries are against _a_ database.
> Assumed: database queries against the same database, without changes to
> the data in the database, will return the same data.
> Confusion: then why are some of the summaries reported by rpm different?
> Each day I (cron.daily) run the following command
> rpm -qa \
>      --qf
> '"%{VENDOR}","%{NAME}","%{VERSION}","%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}","%{ARCH}","%{SUMMARY}"\n' \
>   | sort -t\" -k3 > ${OUTFILE}
> Stuff the resulting ${OUTFILE} in an rcs file.
> And some days the rcs file will show deltas such as the following (which
> was pulled from a rather recent set of flipflops):
> --- mach.csv    2011/11/15 10:50:04     
> +++ mach.csv    2011/11/15 09:22:53 
> -"CentOS","bash","3.2","3.2-32.el5","i386","The GNU Bourne Again shell
> (bash) version 3.1."
> +"CentOS","bash","3.2","3.2-32.el5","i386","The GNU Bourne Again shell
> (bash) version 3.2"

Using the double quote (") as a delimiter, the third key would be a comma (,) (see below for an example)


And since your sort command is sorting only on the fifth key, all the commas are already in order (unless there is a blank line in there somewhere). The order of the re cords within a sorted group may or may not be guaranteed to change.

Change your sort order from '-k3' to '-k2 -k4 -k6 -k8 -k10 -k12' to sort by Vendor, Name, Version, Version-Release, Arch, Summary and see if that helps.