[CentOS] Please help: Steps to build an Centos 6 EC2 AMI with custom kernel

Wed Nov 16 00:33:03 UTC 2011
Robinson Tiemuqinke <hahaha_30k at yahoo.com>


 Just like to ask some questions regarding creation of Amazon AWS EC2 AMIs based on Centos 6 along with centos 6 stock kernel -- as there are no 2.6.32 or higher version Amazon AWS kernel anymore.

 My questions are:

 1, is the normal non-virtual stock centos 6.0 kernel(s) OK for use? or a xen enhanced kernel -- like centos 5' kernel-xen -- needs to be installed instead?

 2, which tool is used to create initial ramdisk? mkinitrd or dracut? and are there any special modules have to be included explicitly?

 3, can I build EC2 image in-house and then bundle&upload it to Amazon S3, or I have to build it at EC2, as most of the available documents did?

Please shed a light in this area if possible -- It will be more than glad if you have gone through all the dark forest and made an working Centos 6 EC2 AMIs with stock centos 6 kernel(s), and generous to share your glory with explorers still scrambling in the dark.

Many thanks.