[CentOS] vertify which software for missing dependenies

Wed Nov 16 01:05:54 UTC 2011
Gary Greene <ggreene at minervanetworks.com>

On 11/15/11 4:53 PM, "Frank Cox" <theatre at sasktel.net> wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 16:45:39 -0800
> Edward Martinez wrote:
>>  I'm trying to install RPM package Adobe Reader on  Centos 6. I did a rpm
>> -test -ivh on the package and it says it needs dependencies (many) Is a there
>> a command to verify which  exact  packages it requires so I wont be
>> installing software blindly.
> "yum localinstall packagename" will give you a list of what it requires but
> since it won't recognize the signature on the acroread rpm it won't actually
> install anything.  You can then "yum install" everything needed from the list
> that it generates.
> Or you can install the adobe repository rpm and then just do "yum install
> packagename" and that will download and install everything for you.
> You also might want to reconsider using acroread.  I've found that the evince
> pdf reader that comes with Centos 6 is really good.

Besides that, looks like from the list it wants an older version of glibc,
libpthread, atk, etc. If anything, I'd say this looks like it was built for
RHEL5 instead of RHEL6, which doubly would make me not want to attempt
installing it....

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