[CentOS] UC What happened to 6.1

Wed Nov 16 10:21:51 UTC 2011
Rushton Martin <JMRUSHTON at qinetiq.com>

One exception is those machines behind a firewall that does not allow
downloads.  The only upgrade path then is to download on another machine
and burn DVDs.  CR repos are not helpful in such a case!

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This keeps the distributed ISO's compatible with the upstream. 
Installing the CentOS 6.0 ISO is equivalent to installing the upstream's
6.0 ISO.  I once had to deal with a commercial software package that
required that it be installed on Redhat 4.2 or something like that.  If
you installed updates, the software didn't work.

The current build problems are hopefully a temporary situation and if
they are resolved CentOS users will have the option of the rolling
updates or waiting for the update release.  For "most" users, installing
updates from the CR repo is the best choice, but there could be


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