[CentOS] Changes at Red Hat confouding CentOS

Wed Nov 16 13:39:28 UTC 2011
Drew <drew.kay at gmail.com>

> Agreed! The cramped screen space (I run dual vid cards in sli with 4
> monitors with development apps spread all over them!), sluggish response
> (open what I have running on my work station and any laptop goes into
> crawl mode), heat (if you really run it in your lap as the name infers)
> and that just touches on the very start of my list. Yes, I have few
> laptops and use them when I 'need' to and one often times goes with me
> when I leave my office (but my phone is rapidly replacing that need
> unless I'm going for days)... but why on earth would I consider using
> only a laptop? Well, if I was always mobile, but I'm not. Maybe if I
> didn't need to run any development systems... Eclipse on a laptop
> certainly works, but is sluggish vs. a workstation. Open Dreamweaver,
> Photoshop, Eclipse, three web browsers a secure shell or few, email, IM,
> and then need to open a Word attachment and most laptops chug to worst
> than a crawl.

And the funny thing, from my perspective at least, is that I'm sitting
beside a laptop that routinely has several VMware VM's running (XP &
Server 2008r2), several line of business applications open, and has
dreamweaver *and* gimp running in the background. :) All this on a two
year old i3 w/ 6GB RAM. Set me back around $900.

Larger screen? VGA or HDMI outputs. ;-) Nothing quite beats working on
a 55" HDTV in your living room, especially when I have time for STO.


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