[CentOS] the majority will NEVER use smartphones

Thu Nov 17 08:07:53 UTC 2011
Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net>

Am 17.11.2011 03:23, schrieb Craig White:
> Consider the upcoming Asus Transformer Prime tablet which has more
> horsepower than my desktop computer (by far) though less RAM and less
> storage. The cloud can be your storage... heck all of my music is
> already on Google Music.

uninteresting because it does not change the fact that for most
things touchscreens are not really a solution and so GUIs
should not be only optimized for touch-screens

there has to be a option "touchscreen-user" or "do not wste space"

> It's thoroughly conceivable that these devices will indeed displace what
> is generally thought of as the irreplaceable home computer and maybe in
> the near future - after all, probably 80-90% of what occupies our
> computer usage is e-mail & web browsing. Just take a look at the latest
> 3 phones added to Verizon... the Razr, Rezound, Nexxus. Wow!

and home-computers are the real target ar least?
how many computers have you at home?
how many computers has even a small company?

you really believe that the majority and that are surely
business users switch to touchscreens for their daily work?

this will not happen now an dnot in hundret years!

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