[CentOS] not using LVM for Linux VM guests?

Thu Nov 17 22:00:42 UTC 2011
Smithies, Russell <Russell.Smithies at agresearch.co.nz>

Perhaps I'm doing it wrong then.

1). In Vmware, extend the existing disk by changing the provisioned size in the vSphere client.
2). In Centos, create an additional partition with fdisk, 
3). Somehow reread the partition table without rebooting??
4). pvcreate
5). vgextend
6). lvextend
7). resize2fs

What I find is that without a reboot, the OS doesn't see the partition so can't pvcreate etc.


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> > Tried that, as well as rescanning the scsi bus, Everything I've tried
> > returns a warning about kernel unable to reread partition table and
> > requiring a reboot to see any modifications.
> gparted does tell you this since years after modify but i have never in my life
> rebooted a linux system because partition changes

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