[CentOS] External HDD query

Fri Nov 18 15:02:35 UTC 2011
Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net>

Am 18.11.2011 15:49, schrieb Rajagopal Swaminathan:
> BTW, how may persondays it would require on a Centos 5.7 box to
> master? I have squandered away about 75% of available time (of about 2
> person days). Amanda, IMHO, requires about 1 person week to deploy
> initially and about 2 person weeks to get sign-off: am I right about
> it? or am I inefficient (the "in about 15-minute" is a myth with
> Centos 5.x maybe truth with Centos 6 -- I dunno)?
> There is a External NTFS partition which will be carried away and the
> whole shop is powered off at about 2000hrs.

a) NTFS is running over fuse and is not so efficient
b) how is the disk connected? USB is simply slow

normally i would do this on a eSATA with ext4 or if possible on
an internal disk and after the source machine is up again you
have all time of the world to bring the data on whatever medium

the same for init mysql-replications
1. local rsync while service is up
2. service stop
3. local rsync the get the differences
4. service start
5. now you are up and have a consistent backup

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