[CentOS] Squid 3 with SSL Bump on Centos 5.7

Sat Nov 19 08:23:55 UTC 2011
Fawzy Ibrhim <fawzy_ibrhim at yahoo.com>

I have successfully installed Squid 3 on Centos 5.7; and after I follow the guide:-  https://dvas0004.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/squid-transparent-ssl-interception/. 

Now I have the following two lines in my squid.conf:-
http_port <Internal_IP>:8080 transparent
https_port <Internal_IP>:3128 ssl-bump transparent cert=/etc/pki/CA/server.crt key=/etc/pki/CA/private/server.key

Now users start receiving a warning for each time they access any HTTPS site about certificates mismatch including the sites included in "ssl_bump deny *"