[CentOS] Having less languages in Firefox (hunspell dictionaries provide too many locales)

Mon Nov 21 14:48:02 UTC 2011
Mathieu Baudier <mbaudier at argeo.org>

> You are talking to the wrong people ... we build it exactly like it is
> built for upstream.  It works just like in the RHEL sources, so that is
> how it is supposed to work.

I'm aware of that, I'm just asking if somebody knows a workaround or a
way to hack this away.

(I'm already thinking of one hack:
 sudo cp -p /usr/share/myspell/fr_FR.* /tmp
 sudo rm -f /usr/share/myspell/fr_*
 sudo cp -p /tmp/fr_FR.* /usr/share/myspell/
but was wondering if there is not something cleaner, like a Firefox config)

Next step would indeed be to book a ticket in upstream bugzilla
(haven't found any so far).