[CentOS] Monitoring services

Sun Nov 27 23:22:09 UTC 2011
Corey Henderson <corman at cormander.com>

On 11/27/2011 4:01 PM, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> What's available to remotely monitor services? What I'd like is something
> that can run scripts for each service to connect to a port and verify that
> it's up, and then send me an SMS message (phone text) to let me know which,
> if any, are down.

Nagios ( http://www.nagios.org/ ) is one of the many pieces of software 
that can do this.

> Also, does a script exist that checks all the services listed by chkconfig
> and reports those that should be up but are down?

None that I'm aware of. If you're going to write one, keep in mind that 
some init scripts list as "on" in chkconfig and run on boot but don't 
actually launch a process.