[CentOS] Forget SMB password immediately

Mon Nov 28 08:27:15 UTC 2011
Fajar Priyanto <fajarpri at arinet.org>

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 4:22 PM, Guitart Francesc
<francesc.guitart at enise.fr> wrote:
>> if all the user processes are running as the same user ID, how do you
>> expect the file system to know what user is supposed to have access to
>> which share?   what you're asking for is physically impossible.   once
>> user "A" logged on as unix user X opens his user 'ShareA', *all*
>> processes running as unix user "X" will have access to it.   if you
>> thought it worked differently on Debian, you were wrong.
> Sorry, maybe I haven't been clear. What I can do with Debian is to
> forget the SMB password every time I get connect to NAS, in such a way
> several network users can use the same local account. While, if I
> understand correctly, you are talking on the assumption of one NFS
> connection.

I don't get it.
1. Why use shared account?
2. If you are using the same account, how can you prevent user from
accessing each other's folder?
The above ownership and permission won't do any good.