[CentOS] OT: good free DNS tools?

Mon Nov 28 22:36:25 UTC 2011
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 11/28/11 1:58 PM, Alan McKay wrote:
>> man dig
>> >  man nslookup
>> >  man whois
>> >  man traceroute
> Clearly you've never used DNSstuff.com

actually, i have, and its failed to identify issues with stale and lame 
NS records that I was able to easily find by hand with the 'hosts' 
command which I use instead of dig and nslookup.

the key is to query all the authoritative zone servers as identified via 
whois AND as seen via `hosts -t NS domainname dnsserverip` and verify 
that all the authoritative servers have the same SOA serial # and NS data.

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