[CentOS] Forget SMB password immediately

Tue Nov 29 12:02:37 UTC 2011
Guitart Francesc <francesc.guitart at enise.fr>

Le 28/11/2011 17:23, Les Mikesell a écrit :


> This is a little bit different from normal mounting - that is a
> feature built into the Nautilus file manager.  It will be able to
> copy/paste/edit//execute files from the remote share as internal
> operations and  but it doesn't make them available as part of the file
> system.  In this case access would be limited to the instance of
> Nautilus that made the connection, much like it would with smbclient.

This explanation links perfectly with what happens to me, now I 
understand a little better.

>> I disconnected from the NAS as userB ejecting the volume on the Desktop.
>> Now, from any window of Gnome Desktop I write smb://ip-nas/ and I have
>> access to sharedA and sharedB.
>> In fact, if I do netstat -an I can see four connections to the NAS, two
>> for every user (139 tcp and 445 tcp) what are saying I'm not really
>> disconnected from the NAS.
>> How can I really disconnect from NAS? Or how can I force the password
>> being asked every time I try to access to one shared ressource as
>> happens in Debian?
> Logging out of the Gnome desktop should do it, but the whole concept
> seems very wrong.  Even if all the users are working at the same
> console, they should have different logins.

Yes, I had alredy tested and it works, logging out of Gnome disconnect 
from NAS but also kill processes running when I just wanted to release a 
volume SMB.

I know it's not a good solution from the point of view of security, but 
they work like that for a long time and I just recently work here. 
Furthermore I'm not familiar with this machine and the services that 
provide. Also looks set to be replaced within a couple of months, so I 
did not want to spend much time, changing the way users work, and 
risking of breaking something in a compute server used constantly with 
something that has a period of life so short.

Francesc Guitart