[CentOS] hello

Tue Nov 29 12:02:18 UTC 2011
Markku Kolkka <markku.kolkka at saunalahti.fi>

LinuxIsOne kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika tiistai, 29. 
marraskuuta 2011):
> since I would first check if it suits the hardware and then
>  from the same DVD (on which I copy the image after
>  downloading, of the above) I would install, would it be
>  complete then? Complete in the sense that, it would have all
>  the things.

If you install from LiveDVD, you will get exactly the same things 
that are available on the Live system before installation. You 
can use the normal CentOS software management tools after 
installation to add packages form software repositories on the 


 Markku Kolkka
 markku.kolkka at iki.fi