[CentOS] How to make nodes in my local LAN see each other's names

Tue Nov 29 16:58:23 UTC 2011
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Timothy Madden <terminatorul at gmail.com>

> The router has the 'DNS relay' option enabled, and all 7 computers use 
> the router as the DNS server, which in turn will forward DNS requests to 
> the ISP DNS server. That way I can understand that simple, plain, 
> default DNS is not enough for my boxes to see each-other's names.

Can't you add local entries to the router...?

> What is the way to have all computers in my simple network know each 
> other by name ?

Setup a local DNS (if your router cannot do it).
Or simply add them to each /etc/hosts
For 7 computers, I would just use /etc/hosts...
Unless you plan to rename them every 5 minutes.

> Also, I hear Linux does not have, by default, a cache of resolved names 
> (like Windows does), and I find that to be a sad thing.

Do not be sad!
At least with CentOS 5, you can install the 'caching-nameserver' package.