[CentOS] Moving server

Wed Nov 30 12:18:10 UTC 2011
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 11/30/2011 06:36 AM Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I want to move my home server over to a new machine,
> both running CentOS.
> (The present server is running CentOS-5.7, the new one 6.0.)
> I'm thinking of moving things over one at a time,
> starting with email.
> I'm running IMAP on the server,
> with my email in ~/Maildir/ .
> I'm wondering what exactly I need to copy to the new machine?
> Any help or suggestions gratefully received.

If it were me, I'd copy the entire old machine (running 5.7) over to the 
new machine so that after the copy it was also running 5.7, then upgrade 
the new machine to 6.0.  ...unless you like making things more 
complicated than they need to be.