[CentOS] Moving server

Wed Nov 30 13:58:41 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Vreme: 11/30/2011 01:53 PM, Reindl Harald piše:
> but since i upgraded>  20 servers since F9 to F14 and
> currently stzart upgrade to F15 via yum this should also
> work on CentOS and is mostly more painless than searching
> every piece of configuraion on a new machine
> since this is a new machine while the old is still there it
> would be not a problem to test what is happening, on my
> environments all servers are virtual-machines what makes
> it all relaxter with a full snapshot

Fedora upgrades every 6 months so changes are not so big. CentOS 5.x and 
CentOS 6.x are MUCH more different, there is number of packages that are 
obsoleted and replaced with packages of same effect but with different 
config files, file locations, etc.

Do what you like, but with such different changes, my servers will be 
freshly built and clean (I am slated to upgrade them in few weeks.)


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