[CentOS] Can't run fail2ban 0.8.4 [CentOS 6]

Fri Nov 4 02:18:31 UTC 2011
Kévin GASPARD <kevingaspard at lavabit.com>


To begin I'm sorry for my poor English level, that's not my first language.

On CentOS 6 I've installed fail2ban 0.8.4 from EPEL repository. I've 
configured it with this page : http://centoshelp.org/security/fail2ban/

Then I've tried this command :

chkconfig --level 23 fail2ban on && service fail2ban start

but the output says it fallen, nothing more. The status option says is 

Also I don't have log for it and no manual page (for the latest, this is 
normal ?).

This is my /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf : http://pastebin.com/j5FhJzKY

I'm asking here because I don't find help on Google, #centos and forums.

Cordially, Kévin "Koshie" GASPARD.