[CentOS] Call supplicant on link detection

Mon Nov 7 13:27:40 UTC 2011
Peter von Nostrand <pvnostrand at gmail.com>

Dear all,
I have a working 802.1x structure with a bunch of Cisco switches, and a
couple of NPS RADIUS servers. 802.1x auhtentication with MSCHAPv2 is
working with Windows clients and I need to get some Centos clients into the
structure. I've been using wpa_supplicant and now it would be usefull to
have an auto start script when the interface detects a link and call the
supplicant to authenticate the user prior to request an IP to the DHCP
I've seen on ubuntu-like systems a pre-up set of options.
Is there anything like that on Centos?

Exists some way to detect a link on the interface, start the supplicant and
after that start the interface with the configuration under ifcg-eth0 ?

Sorry if this was discussed previusly.

Thanks in advance.