[CentOS] Having less languages in Firefox (hunspell dictionaries provide too many locales)

Mon Nov 21 12:43:17 UTC 2011
Mathieu Baudier <mbaudier at argeo.org>


on CentOS 6, I am routinely writing mails in English, German and
French and using the related hunspell dictionaries for the spelling in
Firefox (I'm using Google Apps).

This works fine but the problem is that languages are added for all
the possible locales (English US, UK, Philippines, Bostwana, Trinidad
and Tobago, Denmark (sic!), ... and German Germany, Austria... and
French France, Canada, Belgium...).

So each time I want to switch from one language to the other (which
sometimes happens every few minutes), I need to choose in a very long
list (with non-deterministic ordering).
First I thought it was no big deal, but with time I realize this is a
loss of time and concentration which while not big is recurrent.

Does anybody knows how I could reduce the list to English UK, German
Germany and French France?
(no offence to the other locales)

An option would be to uninstall the hunspell dictionaries and install
the dictionaries manually as Firefox addons, but I find it nice to
have them provided by the base OS, and anyhow, I don't think that it
is possible for English.

Thanks in advance,